Riccione is an ideal place for a vacation by the sea but it also offers a stunning hinterland where,  in just a few minutes you can reach beautiful locations and explore ancient villages, true gems of the region, where you can embark on gastronomic and wine tasting tours, go to village feasts and festivals where you will often find local artisan markets with stalls selling a multitude of ancient, traditional foods.
Coriano is a beautiful village only 8km away from Riccione and here you will find ancient farms and wineries offering excellent wines and olive oil. An ideal location for those who like to go for long walks or horse rides in the Marano Park, but also if you are interested in visiting the famous shoe manufacturing industry Valleverde. This village is also the birthplace of the late motor cycling champion, Marco Simoncelli…
Gradara is an attractive historic town only 14km away from Riccione, famous for its stunning fortress and the castle that Dante Alighieri described in his verses dedicated to Paolo and Francesca.
Montecolombo and Montescudo are another two fortresses of the Malatesta, located about 20km from Riccione, where you can visit various historic buildings of the Middle Ages, such as: the ancient stronghold of the castle of  Montecolombo built in the 11th  century; the fortress of Montescudo, built in the 13th  century and the impressive walls from which you can enjoy a magnificent view of the entire Rimini coast; the 18th century painting by Brancaleoni in the Church of  San Martino. And also, an endless number of eateries where you can find specialties of local gastronomic tradition.
And there are a number of medieval villages to visit within a distance of 30km from Riccione, such as: Mondaino, where, in autumn, one can buy the famous “fossa” cheese just as it comes out of its seasoning period underground; Montefiore Conca with its precious works of art and where the age old “chestnut festival” is held; Montegridolfo and many other smaller centres.
The Republic of San Marino is about 30km from Riccione, and is definitely the most popular destination for those who love ancient traditions and where you can visit the three towers looking onto the Adriatic sea at a height of 750mt. above sea levels. There are a countless number of medieval churches and historic buildings to visit, such as the Basilica di Santa Chiara. A variety of folkloristic events and re-enactments are held throughout the year, like the famous Palio delle Balestre. Here you can also go shopping in the narrow streets of the historic centre, purchasing tax free goods.